"The very last kitchen you'll ever buy"


A kitchen raised on legs for adding extra functionality with easy access for cleaning.

Island Module

Customized island module to suite your kitchen layout for unique open-plan aesthetic.

Stainless Steel

Powder coated steel is highly durable and resistant to daily wear & tear.

The 4,8mm 316 Stainless steel counter top adds to ease of use and to demonstrate your "Pro Chef" abilities.

Customised Colours

Customized colour selection.

Pro Chef Concepts strives to change the normal home kitchen into a kitchen that will last you a lifetime.

A kitchen made of steel; everything you see is designed to bring all the functional principles and the industrial aesthetics into the private home.

Our inspiration is out of the professional market, it is stripped of contemporary and fading trends.

Our ambition is to create a kitchen fit for the home chef.

A solid grip when opening drawers, a kitchen that is raised on legs so it is easy to clean, steel tops that can handle wear and tear.

Home kitchen inspired by the professional industry

Kitchen in your choice of colour

Our team

Every one of our team members are devoted to delivering the finest possible designs and service.

Phil Kisch

(072) 700 5481 - phil@prochefconcepts.co.za

Adele Moolman


Ingrid Kleynhans

(076) 848 6409 - ingrid@prochefconcepts.co.za

Maryke Wagner

(083) 293 1871 - maryke@prochefconcepts.co.za

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